Typical Errors to Avoid

These are the most common errors that can happen. You will want to make certain to rectify these problems immediately.

  • Taking more than 1.0 course per year at an Affiliated College (Huron, King's, Brescia)
  • Taking senior courses (numbered 2000 or above) in first year
  • Taking too many courses in one subject
  • Taking inappropriate 2000-2999 levels (see the specific numbers needed for your module)
  • Taking too many first year courses (max 7.0)
  • Missing the Category A (e.g. Social Science) and B (e.g. Arts) requirements
  • Missing the essay requirements
  • Missing prerequisites for courses you are adding
  • Taking two courses that are antirequisites* (e.g. 2.0 statistics courses that can't both be counted in your program) *An antirequisite course is a course that contains the same or similar content. and therefore if both are taken, only the most recent course credit will be retained for credit. The first course will be noted as RNC meaning repeated, no credit. For example, if Math 1600A/B is completed successfully, and in the next term, a student then completes Math 1229A/B, they will lose credit for Math 1600A/B. Students are strongly advised to review pre- and anti-requisites VERY carefully!
  • Overloading (max 5 per term)
  • Forgetting to drop second term courses if you did not complete the prerequisite