Graduation Requirements

Are you looking for confirmation that you will be eligible to graduate at the next convocation ceremony?

Things to consider:

Still unsure? Request a Graduation Check by following these guidelines:

BSc Science students in single Science modules

Complete the applicable form and take/email it to your department counsellor. Please check your department’s website for their office hours. Many departments would prefer you to come to their office hours for grad checks.

BSc Science students in single Basic Medical Sciences major modules

Complete the applicable form and send through the  Help Portal.

BSc Science students in more than one module

Complete applicable form and send through the  Help Portal.

BSc Science students completing a combined or concurrent degree

Students completing a combined degree (i.e. Science/HBA) or a concurrent degree with a professional program (i.e. 3 year BSc with Engineering, Nursing, Music or Nutrition & Dietetics)

  • Please submit through the  Help Portal  directly to inquire about graduation requirements.

BMSc or Neuroscience Students

Exception: Major Biology/Major Medical Science students – complete this form (Major Bio/Major MedSci Graduate Checklist Worksheet) .

Important Notes:

  • Graduation checks should be submitted once you have enrolled in your final year or term of courses. Please do not submit them in third year unless you are planning to graduate with a 3-year degree.
  • Graduation checks are done on an ongoing basis throughout the year and can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to receive results depending on how many we have at that time, so please submit early.
  • Graduation checks are not done during the December or April exam periods or during the month of May as we are adjudicating for June graduation at that time. This means you must submit your graduation check before March 15 if applying for June graduation.
  • Once you have completed your checklist, please submit it to our Help Portal under the “Progression/Graduation” category .
  • Due to the high volume of graduation checks we receive, we cannot accommodate multiple graduation checks for students. If you have questions about whether you are enrolled in extra courses you can drop or swap please include that when submitting your request.