Awards & Scholarships

There are 3 major types of scholarships and awards available to undergraduate students at Western:  Admission; In-Course; and Graduating. 

Admission scholarships are allocated by the Admissions Office. In-Course and Graduating Scholarships and Awards are allocated by the Faculty of Science to students registered in the Faculty of Science or BMSc degree programs.

Eligibility:  A full course load (minimum of 5.0 courses over the Fall/Winter terms) is required for the vast majority of In-Course or Graduating Scholarships and Awards. Each scholarship/award has additional criteria that must be met. A term average of 80% or more is a common criterion.

In-Course Scholarships

In-Course Scholarships & Awards: Once you've completed a full year at Western, you could be eligible for a wide range of scholarships and awards, most of which do not require an application. These scholarships and awards are allocated based on your academic performance in the previous year. Decisions are usually made and announced by October/November. 

In addition, there are some scholarships and awards that do require an application to be submitted to the Registrar's Office by September 30 each year.  Details and application forms can be found on Student Financial Services' website under In-Course Scholarships & Awards.


Another set of these scholarships and awards is based on need, as well as academic performance.  To be eligible for these scholarships and awards, please follow the instructions found on Student Financial Services' website under Need-Based Awards or Bursaries. Again, note that the deadline to apply is also September 30 each year.

Graduating Scholarships

Graduating Scholarships & Awards: These scholarships, awards, and medals are given to graduating students in June each year.  No application is required. You will be informed about those you've earned by early June and invited to receive them at the annual Awards Ceremony. Note: A full 5.0-course load in your graduating year is required for the vast majority of these scholarships and awards as well.

See the Student Finances website for details about the full range of funding sources for undergraduate students.