First Year

Welcome to Western Science! Below are links to the Academic Calendar for the Science modules you could to pursue. When looking at the links, the first-year course are the admission requirements to the module. Your first year course selection must be the admission requirements to the module you want. It is important to note that as a first-year student you are supposed to take 5.0 first year courses, so if the admission to the module you want only has 3.0 courses listed you still need to take an additional 2.0 courses of your own choice. Please read this guide (link to first year guide attached) for more help on course selection. If you still have questions we encourage you to connect with us through our Academic Advising Help Portal; we're here to help!

This space will also grow into your First Year Roadmap – providing you advice and encouragement throughout your first-year journey!

First Year Course Selection Tips



Computer Science

Earth Sciences

Integrated Science


Physics & Astronomy

Stats and Actuarial Sciences

Medical Sciences First Entry