Progression Requirements

Two levels are used to assess a student's Academic Standing Status. 

Level 1 Progression

  • Minimum cumulative average 55% upon completion of a minimum of 3.0 course attempts (In good standing)
  • Minimum cumulative average 50-54% may continue On Probation
  • Cumulative average less than 50% will be Required to Withdraw

Level 2 Progression

  • Minimum cumulative average of 60% when a minimum of 8.0 full or equivalent course attempts completed (In Good Standing)
  • Cumulative average from 55-59% will continue On Probation
  • Cumulative average less than 55% will be Required to Withdraw

Year Requirements

What year am I in?

Year 1: 2.5 or less successfully completed courses.
Year 2: 3.0 – 7.5 successfully completed courses.
Year 3: 8.0 – 12.5 successfully completed courses.
Year 4: 13.0 or more successfully completed courses.

The year you are enrolled in is based on the number of successfully completed (not attempted) courses you have, and is what your course enrollment appointment will be based on. For example, if you are heading into your fourth year at Western, but have completed only 12.5 credits, you will receive a third-year enrollment appointment.

Important Information

  • Your credit count includes transfer, AP and IB credits.
  • When repeating a credit, you will only retain credit for the most recent attempt, so this will affect your total credit count. Please see more information on repeat courses (Western Calendar).
  • Progression requirements for good standing, On Probation and RTW vary between levels and are available online through the Western Calendar.
  • Please be aware that progression requirements are also different for special students, and requirements can be found online through the Western Calendar.