Scholar's Electives Program

If you are a Scholar’s Electives student in Science or Basic Medical Sciences and have any questions or concerns about your module(s) or progression through your program, please reach out to your dedicated Academic Advisor, Courtney Fleet. Courtney works with Science/Basic Medical Science Scholar’s Electives students to ensure their academic success and personal well-being throughout the rewarding and intensive journey of the Scholar’s Electives Program. Whether you have a quick question or you would like to request an appointment with Courtney, please submit a ticket via our Help Portal . Once logged in please choose “Program” on the left-hand side, then “Scholar’s Electives” on the right-hand side to submit your request (see below). This will ensure your ticket goes directly to Courtney and will help avoid any delays in response time.

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For more information see Student Experience's Scholar's Elective Page .

Program Requirements

The Scholar’s Electives program is a 21-course program that includes an honors degree, with either an Honors Specialization or Honors double Major modules, as well as the Scholar’s Electives courses. The Honors Specialization or the Major modules may be standard modules offered by Departments, or theme areas* designed by the student with the support of Faculty mentors and approved by the Dean’s Office. The lecture/seminar courses in the Scholar’s Electives program are interdisciplinary courses developed and taught by a team of experienced faculty members. Mentoring for the Supervised Individual Research courses in Years 2 and 3 of the Scholar’s Electives program will be by individual faculty members who are experienced researchers.

Scholar's Electives Program

3.0 courses:

  • 0.5 course: Scholars Electives 1100F/G (normally taken in first year)
  • 2.0 courses: Scholars Electives 2200E, 3305E
  • 0.5 course: Scholars Electives 4400Y

Students must be registered in a minimum of 5.0 courses during each Fall/Winter session. Scholar’s Electives 1100F/G will be taken in addition to the minimum course load of 5.0 courses in Year 1. With permission of the Department and Dean's Office, students with an appropriate background may be permitted to include senior courses in Year 1. In second and third year, the Scholar’s Elective courses will be taken within the minimum course load of 5.0 courses. Scholar’s Electives 4400Y will be taken in addition to the minimum course load of 5.0 courses in Year 4. After first year, students are required to take all of their courses at the 2000-level and above. (One exception may be permitted with Dean's approval.). Graduation regulations such as breadth and essay requirements, apply to Scholar's Electives students.

*Themed Modules

These modules allow study in areas that are not covered within the existing Honors Specialization or Major modules. Each themed module will be overseen by an appropriate mentor or Associate Dean. Examples of these themes include:

  • peace studies (economics, politics, philosophy, anthropology, history, women's studies, etc.)
  • multiculturalism (politics, geography, comparative literature, history, languages, etc.)
  • scientific methodology (biology, chemistry, physics, history, philosophy, etc.)

Progression Requirements

To maintain their registration in the Scholar's Electives program, students enroll in a full course load (minimum of 5.0 courses) during the Fall/Winter session and must achieve a sessional average of at least 80% in all courses taken during the Fall/Winter session with no mark less than 65%. Students must achieve a mark of at least 80% in their two Scholar’s Electives research courses (Scholar’s Electives 2200E, 3305E). If additional courses are taken during the summer session, students must achieve an average of at least 70% during the summer session, with no mark less than 65%.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of an Honors Bachelor degree, including the Scholar's Electives program, with a minimum cumulative average of 80% with no grade less than 65%.

The diploma awarded to students will record both the status of Scholar's Electives and the module(s) studied, as recommended by the Dean.