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Faculty of Science Care Zone

The Science Care Zone program was introduced to create a network of support for staff, students, faculty in all Science and Basic Medical Science Departments. No wrong door? No wrong department! Remember Block Parent? Care Zone is our idea of the Block Parent Program.

Dedicated team members from each department have volunteered to be the Care Zone representative in their area. Care Zone reps provide a safe, confidential place for information exchange, referral services, and crisis support. Students, Staff and Faculty like dealing with and feel comfortable with their own departments so it seemed logical to bring the information to the departments. Although Care Zones are for anyone in need not just those of the department they are in. Care Zone Reps are equipped with information, key contact people, and crisis numbers.

Care Zone Reps are not social workers or therapists nor do they intend on offering those services. They are a kind ear, a safe space, and a referral expert in order to help with holistic student success.

Need help? Look for the Care Zone Logo in your department or throughout Science and Basic Medical Science buildings.