Kendo Club


“Kendo is a Japanese martial art originating from the training of samurai in the art of swordsmanship. Modern Kendo training involves practitioners using a bamboo sword (shinai) and wearing protective armour (bogu).

The Japanese characters for Kendo (剣道) are translated as The Way of the Sword and characterized through the discipline of the human character through training and the application of the sword (katana). Through training, students strengthen body and mind, while learning many of the core teachings of the samurai: to treat people with respect, to strive for self-development, and to contribute to the peace and prosperity of humanity.”

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About the Presidents

Rianne Chen is currently a third-year student in Medical Sciences. She took an interest in learning Kendo during first-year. She believes that Kendo does not only train the body and mind but also provides a social community for individuals who share a common passion. 

About the Senseis

Adianto Sensei embarked on his Kendo journey as an undergrad at Western Kendo Club. He has since achieved his rank of 4th Dan. Correct forms and proper mentality are the topics he always tries to teach to his students. Everyone can find a great deal of benefits when practicing with him.


Past Events

  • Intercollegiate Tournament– this is an annual tournament held to showcase the skills of kendo players from Canadian universities. In the 2018 Tournament, the Western undergraduate team placed first.
  • JCCC Tournament– this tournament is held annually at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto; our team members consistently demonstrate a superior kendo skill than average



Introductory Membership: TBD for 2023-24 season

Advanced Membership: TBD for 2023-24 season

(Both memberships are Full Year Memberships)

Practice Schedule

TBD for 2023-24 season


TBD for 2023-24 season

Refund Policy

All memberships can be refunded within 14 days of purchase, minus a 10% administration fee*. After this 14-day trial period, partial refunds will be issued for medical reasons only (with written documentation).

*The 10% administration fee may be waived if transferring to another program/Club.


On occasion, certain facilities may not be available due to maintenance, special events, etc. Campus Recreation will provide notice whenever possible, but memberships will not be extended.