Lipson-Baines Award Winners

The winners of the Lipson-Baines 9658 awards for 2014-2015 are announced.  

This year was the first time that Lipson-Baines Awards for Chem 9658 were available for distribution.  The Lipson Baines awards were established by former Professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry of Western University, Rob Lipson. The award is given annually to (at least) two full-time Masters or Doctoral students in Chemistry who have achieved the highest marks in the Chemistry 9658 “Seminar” course. The scholarship is in appreciation of what he considers to be one of the finest Chemistry departments in Canada and also honors his lasting friendship with Professor Kim M. Baines, and acknowledges the contributions she made as Chair from 2005-2014.

This years winners are as follows:

Balsam Ibrahim (DWS) - for the 2014/15 Chem 9658 seminar with the highest grade ($1000).

Tinayu Qi (KY/MS), Gordon Irvine (MJS) and Jeff Plezier (JAW) - all three were tied for the second highest grade, thus they are splitting the award ($333.33 each).

Please join us in congratulating these students on their outstanding efforts in Chem 9658.  Their mastery in communicating chemistry to a wide audience and their comprehension/appreciation of the area should be a model to those coming up for the jam packed 2015/16 9658 season.

Thank you Rob and Kim for this most generous and lasting contribution to the department.

To read about the origin of the award in more detail click here.