Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste is picked up at the Chemistry loading dock every Thursday at 10:30 am.

All hazardous waste should be properly packaged and labeled as per the UWO Hazardous Materials Management Handbook without exceptions. The glass bottles upon packaging should be placed on the bottom shelve of the cart whenever possible. Heavier items should always be on the bottom. Note that ALL containers taken down for the waste disposal, not only glass ones, should be packaged in boxes. This also includes plastic bottles, as well as small glass and plastic containers. The carts themselves should be properly built and sturdy.

All students and personnel who bring down hazardous waste for disposal should not enter the loading dock area but rather line up, single file, in the hall along the wall just outside the loading dock. No-one will be allowed to wait for RPR in the loading dock area and approach the loading dock area with the hazardous waste from outside. When RPR arrives, please enter the loading dock from the hall one at a time and hand over the hazardous waste to RPR personnel.

The hazardous waste should never be left unattended in the loading dock area and must be handed over in person so that RPR personnel may examine the waste and documentation and ask questions if necessary.

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