New Employees

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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry!

New employees have a number of tasks to complete prior to their start in Chemistry. If you review and complete these items, your first day will run much smoother.

Western's Guide for New Employees

Western's Guide For New Employees

  • Please review in its entirety, as the information and links here are critical.
  • Depending on your role, not all of the information may be applicable to you, but much of it applies to everyone.
  • You will need to request your employee ID number from Jennifer Cordick, if you do not already have it, in order to get started with the administrative tasks in the guide.

Required Training

Required Training

  • You must complete all modules listed under Required Training for Employees.
  • We strongly encourage you to also complete the modules listed under Recommended Learning.
  • You may also need to complete modules listed under Required Training Based on Work/Study Area and Required Training for Specific Duties.
  • The training matrix here will be helpful in determining which additional modules you may need to complete. Most personnel working in Chemistry will need to complete everything listed under Laboratory (including Grad Students).
  • If you have any questions about which additional modules you need to complete, please connect with your supervisor for guidance.

Keys and Electronic Access

  • To order physical keys, you must complete a request form with Facilities Management yourself. You can do that here.
  • For your key request to be approved, your supervisor must complete an approval form available on the secure portion of the Chemistry website.
  • The only way for you to get electronic access to the building is by your supervisor completing the approval form referenced above. You do not need to take any steps yourself.


  • The employees of the Department of Chemistry (with the exception of undergraduate students) will be assigned a mailbox in the Chemistry Buiding, ChB 121.
  • There are also mail slots for outgoing stamped mail and unstamped mail in the same room.
  • The intercampus mailbox (green) is located on the wall outside the Main Office - ChB 119.


  • Employees of the Department of Chemistry (with the exception of undergraduate students) can be assigned printer codes in order to use the photocopiers in ChB 121.
  • One photocopier is exclusively for faculty and staff use; the other may be used by other personnel - graduate students, postdocs, etc.
  • Please reach out to Sherrie McPhee for your printer code.
  • Faculty members will be issued two printer codes - one for teaching materials, which is billed to the department, and one for research, for which you must provide a speedcode.


  • CISCO telephones will be provided by the department to all faculty offices as well as permanent staff, as needed.
  • Additional telephones for research personnel can be arranged at a cost to the supervisor.
  • If you need a telephone set up for you, please contact Jennifer Cordick

Providing Personal Information

  • If your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or other documents (e.g. work permit, visa) are required to finalize your appointment, those will be requested from you and a secure link shared for you to safely provide that information.
  • All personnel should complete Form 100 and submit to your supervisor.


Health and Wellness

  • Ensure that you have properly arranged for health insurance.
  • OHIP information and eligibility criteria can be found here.
  • If you are not eligible for OHIP, information on UHIP can be found here.
  • Investigate any extended health benefit coverage you may have through Western. This will be determined by your role and employee group; additional info here.
  • Access Western's Wellness & Well-being website to see what supports and resources may be available to you.

Other Resources & Links