Outreach Activities

Reaction producing fire in outreach activity in lecture hall

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to showcase the wonder and excitement of Chemistry to audiences of all ages, beyond the university community. The aim of our outreach program is to acquaint the general public, prospective students, and young inquisitive minds with the fun side of science. At the same time, we provide educational commentary and in many cases, hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

Outreach activities that we are pleased to offer include:
  • Presentations and lectures on chemistry-related topics by recognized experts in the field
  • Demonstrations, including the now-famous “Chemistry With A Bang” show and demonstrations using cryogenic materials
  • Tours of our laboratory facilities in the Department of Chemistry, including such activities as glassblowing
  • Age- and experience- appropriate hands-on laboratory experiments
  • Providing expertise through, for example, judging at science fairs and media relations

We are able to host events at our facilities, and we are also able to ‘take the show on the road’ in some instances. These events are made possible by working with our partners and volunteers in the larger University community, the Faculty of Science, the Chemical Institute of Canada, and Western's Undergraduate Chemistry Club.

Organizations (schools, service clubs, etc.) wishing to participate in, or host an outreach activity should complete a request form and attach it by email to chemoutreach@uwo.ca

Please be aware that our instructors, staff, volunteers, and our laboratories are generally occupied with dealing with our students during term-time which runs from Labour Day to early December, and January until late April. We are most able to favourably respond to requests for events in between these busy times.