In Case of Accident

Immediate steps to take in the event of an incident or accident:

Priority steps

  1. The accident/incident scene must be secured and made safe to prevent further accidents until the investigation is completed.
  2. All medical attention and First Aid needs are attended to, including calling 9-1-1, if needed. (To reach Campus Police on your cell phone dial 519 661-3300). It is always best to call 911 from a campus phone - do not dial a prefix number to get off-campus.  
  3. If necessary, sound the alarm for building evacuation (Fire Alarm pull stations).

Subsequent steps

  1. The Supervisor must be notified as soon as possible. If the immediate supervisor is not available, a Safety Committee member or the Departmental Chair can substitute.
  2. The Supervisor (or substitute) conducts an investigation and completes the Accident/Incident Investigation Report Form within 24 hours or otherwise as soon as possible. The form is to be completed, whenever possible, with the person(s) involved in the incident. In the event of a disagreement, each party fills out a separate incident form.
  3. The original Accident/Incident form is given to the Administrative Officer (ChB 120) for review by the Chair and submission to OHS.
  4. If the incident involves discharging of a fire extinguisher, then Fire Prevention must be contacted before cleaning up the scene.
  5. If the accident leaves a bloody (profuse) mess after the appropriate medical attention is given, Campus Police (83300) should be notified. (To reach Campus Police on your cell phone dial 519 661-3300)

What should I report?

  • Accidents: An incident that involves personal injury
  • Incidents: An incident is a “near miss” (probability of personal injury) or an event that causes equipment damage over $200.