Assistance, Health and Wellness

There are many avenues for seeking help at Western. Here we list some resources you can contact for help with anything from simple questions, like not being able to find a room, to mental health and wellbeing concerns.

Chemistry Care Zones

What is a Care Zone? Care Zone representatives offer a safe a friendly door where you can ask a question without feeling like you are bothering or interrupting someone's work, to a confidential place for information exchange, referral services, safety and crisis support. Our Chemistry Care Zone representatives are:

Student Health

Student Health and Wellness offers assistance ranging from financial advice, medical needs and psychological support and counselling. You'll need to book an appointment for non-urgent needs.

A variety of modalities are available to support mental health.

For immediate mental health support see the crisis information page. Remember help is available 24/7.

Learning to cope with stress and anxiety is a lifelong process, and some self-help resources are listed here.

International students can seek further assistance navigating Ontario’s unfamiliar healthcare system through Western International.

Slides from the July 16, 2021, seminar on Mental Wellbeing