The 2015-16 Lipson-Baines Award Winners Announced

picWe are please to announce that Stephanie Barbon (1st prize, Gilroy group) and Benjamin Hisey (2nd Prize, Ragogna group) are recipients of the 2015-16 Lipson-Baines Awards in Chemistry. The award is be given annually to two full-time Masters or Doctoral students in Chemistry who have achieved the highest marks in the Chemistry 9658 “Seminar” course.

Stephanie Barbon’s lecture was titled "The Crystalline Sponge Method: A Revolutionary Change in X-ray Crystallography". Her research in the Gilroy group involves the study of boron complexes of formazanate ligands, and their incorporation into pi-conjugated polymers.

Benjamin Hisey’s lecture was titled "Single Molecule Imaging using Atomic Force Microscopy". His research involves a joint project between the Ragogna and Gillies groups.

Congratulations Stephanie and Benjamin, well done!