Western Undergrads Win 6 Awards at SOUSCC XLV

The 45th Southwestern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference ( www.souscc45.ca) was held at York University March 18th.  This conference was initiated at Western and for 45 years has allowed students from across Ontario (mostly southern Ontario) to present the results of their 4th year research projects. There were 37 participants from our department, including 30 who presented.  The conference had over 120 presentations from over 10 universities and ended with a celebratory banquet.
We recognize this is a busy time for students with the last of the midterms ending, final exams rapidly approaching, and theses due in a week.  There were a few of our students who were recognized formally:
1) Troy Babcock (Ragogna group) 1st place in inorganic/materials
2) Daniela  Capello (Ragogna and Gillies groups): 3rd place in inorganic/materials
3) Samantha Anderson (Shoesmith/Noel Group): second place in the inorganic/inorganic materials section
4) Deborah Chan (Stillman group): award in theoretical/computational
5) Angela Murcia Rios (Konnerman group): 2nd place in theoretical/computational
6) Nadia Sharma (Griffiths group) 2nd place in the biological/medicinal field
Please join us in congratulating all participants.  We get to hear these presentations (and the 23 others) on April 1 during our Chem 4491 Day.
The Chemistry Club is thanked for sponsoring the travel by coach.  The department kindly covered the cost of registration.
Western looks forward to hosting the 50th SOUSCC in 5 years.