4491 Thesis Defense Day at Western Chemistry

Thirty-Six Chem-4491students presented their research for 15 minutes, followed by two 10-minute question sessions by their thesis examiners as the final hurdle of Western’s Chemistry Capstone Course. The day ran smoothly, and there were a lot of great presentations and engaging conversations. You can check out photos posted on Twitter and facebook , and view the program booklet. A reception at the GC followed. 

There are many people to thank that help make this department-wide course run well:

  • The undergraduate students that participated and the graduate students and faculty mentors

  • The volunteer thesis examiners from London’s local chemical companies and other Western Departments departments

  • The volunteers from Western Libraries and the Faculty of Science that contributed to the weekly engaged learning exercises

  • Clara Fernandes for assisting with course organization and the presentation day rooms and snacks

  • Profs Mark Workentin and John Corrigan for managing the course

  • The parents, friends, lab mates, and grauduate students that showed up to support their undergrads

Congratulations to all our proud students for making it though the day!


BTW, we had the entire GC on a Saturday when they are normally closed!


everyone at gc small