Institutional Signatures Process

Contracts, Grants, Fellowships, etc.

The following procedural information is provided to ahelp you prepare grant applications, contract proposals and budgets.

All applications must include a completed ROLA Proposal and bear the signatures of: the Applicant(s); Co-Applicants; Co-Applicants' Institutions (if different from Western); the Chair/Director of the Applicant's Academic Department; the Dean of the Applicant's Faculty AND Research Development & Services, regardless of the Sponsor's application requirements.

Regardless of the signatory listed on a Sponsor form, Research Development & Services must ALWAYS be assumed the signatory on ANY proposal or application for research funding. Research Development & Services will determine if alternate/additional signature requirements exist.

A. Signatures

All grant and contract applications must be reviewed by Research Development & Services prior to their submission to the funding sponsor. In order to allow sufficient time for the review of the proposal, applications must be delivered to RD&S no fewer than three (3) days prior to the deadline. Applications including industry partners may require up to seven (7) working days for institutional signatures.

Industry contracts must be vetted through the Contracts Research team. Substantial lead time is required for industry contracts, due to the need to negotiate many issues, including intellectual property rights. One month is often required to reach an agreement. Applications must include a completed ROLA Proposal, available through Research Western's website, and bear Dean and Chair signatures (regardless of sponsor requirements) before institutional approvals will be supplied. Please supply photocopies of the full proposal with your request for institutional approvals. RD&S offers internal signature deadlines for major Tri-Council competitions, and may schedule dedicated signature times as deadlines approach for major competitions. Dean and Chair offices will be notified of these times by email prior to major competitions.

A copy of each Sponsor Application and ROLA Proposal must be provided before a signature will be obtained from RD&S.

B. Signing Authority for Research Contracts & Agreements

All research contracts and agreements that will involve University resources and/or personnel must be sent to Research Development & Services for review and signature. Deans, Chairs and faculty members do not have the authority to sign such documents on behalf of the University.

C. Ethics, Animal Use and Biohazards Approval

All research proposals, whether new or renewed, involving human or animal subjects, or biohazardous materials, must be approved by an ethics, animal use or biohazards committee. Appropriate forms and guidelines can be obtained from:

D. Research Documentation

Research Development & Services requires a photocopy of the complete sponsor application, as well as ethics approval, animal care approval, biohazard containment form (if applicable), and covering letters of all grant applications and contract proposals.

E. Foreign Funding Agencies

If a grant application or contract proposal is submitted to an agency with the research budget detailed in foreign currency, a separate budget page translated into Canadian dollars ($CDN) must be attached. The budget portion of all applications to foreign agencies is to be submitted to Research Accounting (Suite 6100 Support Services Bldg) approximately ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of the deadline to allow sufficient time to check for completeness and accuracy of the exchange before final signature by Research Development & Services.