Canadian Institute of Canada Recognizes Chemistry Department Professors

Congratulations to members of the Chemistry Department who have received recognition from the Canadian Institute of Canada !

shamProfessor Tsun-Kong Sham is the recipient of the Montreal Medal, is presented as a mark of distinction and honour to a resident of Canada who has shown significant leadership in or has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of chemistry or chemical engineering in Canada.



Lee115x150.jpgProfessor Felix Lee is the recipient of the Award for Chemistry Education. This Award is presented as a mark of recognition to a person who has made an outstanding contribution in Canada to education at the post-secondary level in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering.



Baines115x150.jpgProfessor Kim Baines is the recipient of the Rio Tinto Awardwhich is presented to a scientist who has made a distinguished contribution to the fields of inorganic chemistry or electrochemistry while working in Canada.