NSERC Alliance Grant

Congratulations to Prof. François Lagugné-Labarthet on a successful NSERC Alliance/Mitacs Grant entitled "The Central Role of Spectroscopy in Fighting Back the Opiod Crisis: Pushing the Limits of Detection of Fentanyl Analogues", in partnership with SCATR Inc.
The funds (nearly 200K over two years) will support postdoctoral and graduate HQP training.

Francois Francois has done most of his studies in his native town of Bordeaux, France. He obtained his PhD in Physical Chemistry under the supervision of Dr. C.Sourisseau in 1998. After a Post-doc at Queen's University Canada in the group of Prof P.Rochon and late Prof. A. Natansohn, he became a Chargé de Recherche at the CNRS-University Bordeaux 1 where he was awarded the CNRS Bronze medal in 2004. During this time he developed optical experiments to probe polymers thin films and spent time at UC Berkeley in the group of Prof. R. Shen where he participated to projects in nonlinear optics such as Sum Frequency Generation and near-field NLO optical measurements. In 2007 he started as an assistant professor at Western University where he obtained a Canada Research Chair in Nanoscience in 2008-2018. He is the scientific director of the Nanofabrication Facility at Western, a open-user facility that aims at training the next generation of nanoscale scientists.