Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see my awarded transfer credits?

You can view your transfer credits in your Transfer Credit Report in Student Center. To access your Transfer Credit Report

Some of my transfer credits have “TRN” next to them. What does this mean?

If you received credits that end in TRN, these are not exactly equivalent to Western courses. However, this does not necessarily mean that no equivalent course exists. It is possible to have these credits assessed and changed in an exact equivalent exists at Western. You will want to do this if you are hoping to use your transfer credits as prerequisites for other courses or if you want to use them to meet a specific course/degree requirement. You will also want to have any Math and Science courses assessed that you did not receive transfer credit for with your Offer of Admission.

Note: if you wish to use your TRN credits toward your degree as electives or breadth requirements, there is no need to have them assessed.

How do I know if I should have my transfer courses evaluated?

  • If you received any TRN credits
  • If you did not receive credit for something you think you should have
  • If you think you received the wrong transfer credits

How do I have my credits evaluated?

  1. Review the Academic Calendar to see which module(s) you are interested. Review each course to see whether you think you may be eligible to receive transfer credits for the courses listed.
  2. Obtain full electronic course outlines for the courses you need evaluated. These course outlines must be from the year you took the course at your previous institution.
  3. Submit a ticket to our Advising Help Portal . In your ticket you will confirm which module(s) you are interested in, and which course(s) you believe you should receive transfer credit for. Based on this information, we will direct you to the appropriate departments, who will evaluate your course outlines for transfer credits.


Note: It can take 6-8 weeks for courses to be evaluated and updated on your Student Center. Make sure you start this process as soon as possible to avoid course enrollment delays!

What do I need to do to “use” my transfer credits towards my degree?

If the transfer credits are listed in your Transfer Credit Report on Student Center, then there is nothing further that you need to do. Transfer credits can count towards: your total credit count, first-year requirements, admission requirements for the module(s) you want, and module requirements (excluding TRN credits – these cannot count towards module requirements). Once all of your transfer credits have been awarded to you, you can submit a request for a Transfer Credit Outline Appointment . In this appointment, you will meet with an Academic Advisor on our team who will provide you with a Transfer Credit Outline. This outline will explain how your transfer credits can be used towards your degree.

I already have transfer credits for essay courses that I took at my previous post-secondary institution. Do I still need to take essay courses at Western?

Yes, the 2.0 essay requirement must be completed at Western. If you received a total of 10.0 transfer credits, then you only need to complete 1.0 senior-level essay course at Western. Please submit a ticket to our Advising Help Portal if you have any questions.