Before the end of the 24th month of full-time registration, M.Sc. candidates will upload their thesis to the repository. If the thesis is not submitted at this time, the student will submit the Table of Contents of the MSc thesis to his or her Examining Committee and the Chair of the Graduate Education Committee via Pathfinder. In each section, the exact progress (in terms of % completed) with regards to both the experimental work and the writing of the thesis should be indicated. A timeline for completion of the research as well as for completion of the thesis should be included as well as an updated CV in Pathfinder. Preliminary Submission

The student, the supervisor, or a member of the Examining Committee may convene a meeting to discuss the report. Otherwise, feedback to the candidate will be provided using Pathfinder.

Doctoral-Level (Ph.D. candidates)

Before the end of the 24th month of full-time registration since initial registration in the graduate program, Ph.D. candidates will submit in Pathfinder the following: All courses with grades achieved in the last year (should be automatically updated from PeopleSoft), list of all publications, oral and poster presentations in the last year. Details of any other significant research focused activity you have taken part in over the last year.