Degree Progression

It is expected that graduate students will strive to complete all requirements for the M.Sc. within 5 terms (20 months) of initial registration. This means that all course requirements should, if possible, be completed within the first 3 terms of registration. Guaranteed University-based financial support (e.g. teaching assistantships) available to Masters candidates is limited to 6 terms of registration in the program.

Ph.D. students are expected to strive to complete all requirements for the degree within 12 terms (4 years) of initial registration in the Ph.D. program. Guaranteed University-based financial support for direct entry Ph.D. candidates is limited to 12 terms in the program.   

 Current students enrolled in the Master's program and who are eligible to transfer into the Ph.D. program receive guaranteed University-based financial support to a total of 15 terms from initial enrolment in the Master's program.

Yearly Reports Click the link below for instructions, Pathfinder manual 

Reports must be completed on time using Pathfinder, mandated by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. The manual for Pathfinder can be viewed on the secure site under the Resources tab on the Chemistry website. If you cannot access this using your UWO ID and password, please contact the Graduate Assistant.  Failure to meet the requirements could affect the completion of your program.

Report Due Dates

September starts
Due by October 15

January starts
Due by February 15

May starts
Due by June 15

All reports submitted in Pathfinder (instruction below) must include the required documents as stated in the instructions for each report. If the documents are missing, the report will be returned and your report will not be considered complete. Supervisors must remember to include the research-grade!

Yearly Report Instructions for Pathfinder (MSc and Ph.D.)