The Spirit of the Holidays

December 21, 2021

Holiday traditions don’t need to be complicated—even simple things like Secret Santa can be fun! (Read the full article)

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Christmas Edition

December 20, 2021

Navid reflects on Christmasses passed and shares his most cherished holiday memories. (Read the full article)

A Moment of Gratitude for Our TA's

December 17, 2021

TA's are often overlooked when choosing courses, but they often have a significant impact on the course. (Read the full article)

Love Over Hate: A Beautiful Rendition of Middle and Near-Eastern Music

December 15, 2021

Read Johann's heartfelt reflection on the Faculty of Music's "Love Over Hate" recital. (Read the full article)

Final Exams: A Marathon to the End

December 14, 2021

Like a marathon, exam season is a slow and steady race to the finish line - but you can do it! (Read the full article)

Sleep Now, Work Later

December 13, 2021

No matter how important you feel school is, sleep is also crucial to your well-being. (Read the full article)

The Tea on Being an International Grad Student with a Disability

December 10, 2021

Hear Jalesa and Elizabeth talk with Sohini about her experience as an international student with a disability. (Read the full article)

Last Minute Study Guide

December 10, 2021

Waiting until the last minute to study happens to the best of us, but this doesn't mean you'll... (Read the full article)

4 Pieces of Advice for Finals Season

December 09, 2021

Johann shares advice for first-year students - and all students - for exam season. (Read the full article)

Giving Back to Mission Services of London this Holiday Season

December 08, 2021

Olivia teaches us about the Mission Services of London and why they are a great charity to donate to. (Read the full article)

How to Restore Your Academic Motivation

December 07, 2021

Adi shares his thoughts on how to best restore your academic motivation in times of burnout. (Read the full article)

Reflecting on Western's International Week

December 03, 2021

Netanya interviews Grace, an International student, about her experience of International Week. (Read the full article)

A Somewhat Comprehensive Crash Course on Espresso Drinks

December 02, 2021

Do you like coffee but aren’t sure what you should order so you just order a latte every time? (Read the full article)

World AIDS Day 2021

December 01, 2021

Learn about the importance of World Aids Day. (Read the full article)

Giving Back to the London Community This Holiday Season

November 30, 2021

Emily shares 4 London organizations you can give back to this holiday season. (Read the full article)

Infinite Moments of Joy

November 29, 2021

Jenny provides us with the definition of pure happiness and how we can attain it in our daily lives. (Read the full article)

The Tea on the USC Accessibility Coordinator

November 26, 2021

Jalesa and Elizabeth sit down and chat with Lauren Sanders, the USC Accessibility Coordinator. (Read the full article)

Loving Yourself as a Person But Not a Student? Here’s How to Love Both.

November 23, 2021

We all face burnout, and it's important to recognize those feelings and take care of ourselves. (Read the full article)

Robo Sapiens: The Mutual Future of Machine and Mankind

November 22, 2021

Chloe writes about the power of AI and how it could change the future. (Read the full article)

A Letter From Your Scholar's Life Editor...

November 19, 2021

Hear from the 2021-22 Scholar's Life Managing Editor, Nathalie! (Read the full article)

Reviewing Andy Shauf's "The Neon Skyline"

November 19, 2021

Johann shares what he loves about Andy Shauf's album, The Neon Skyline. (Read the full article)

Why Movember Is Important To Me

November 17, 2021

Navid explains the importance of Movember and how its impacted him. (Read the full article)

My Work-From-Home USRI Experience

November 16, 2021

Justine shares a bit about her virtual USRI experience. (Read the full article)

Coming To Western, Finding True Friends Was A Challenge

November 15, 2021

Read about Olivia's growth during her time at Western and how she found friends with shared interests! (Read the full article)

The Tea on Barriers to Accessibility

November 12, 2021

In this episode of Accessibili-tea, Jalesa and Elizabeth sit down with accessibility advocate, Melanie Stone. (Read the full article)

Jumana's Growth Through the USRI Program

November 12, 2021

Jumana discusses their growth throughout the USRI program and how they overcame internal challenges. (Read the full article)

Coming Together to Stand Against Islamophobia

November 11, 2021

Shaowda, a Bengali-Muslim student at Western, shares the importance of standing up against Islamophobia. (Read the full article)

Why I Am Grateful For The USRI Program

November 09, 2021

Jessica reflects on the skills they have gained from their work in the USRI Program. (Read the full article)

Surviving University - 6 Tips to Get By

November 08, 2021

Clementine shares a helpful list of ways to thrive while adjusting from high school to post-secondary... (Read the full article)

Learning to Fly Solo

November 05, 2021

Being alone isn't the same as being lonely, and this blog will help you to thrive during alone time. (Read the full article)

My Morning Routine: My Daily Dose of Joy

November 04, 2021

Shubh walks us through his morning routine, reminding us all to take care of ourselves. (Read the full article)

Nathan's USRI Experience

November 03, 2021

Nathan reflects on his USRI experience and shares what he learned. (Read the full article)

Accessibili-tea: The Tea on Your Hosts

October 29, 2021

In this episode, get to know Jalesa and Elizabeth, the hosts of the Accessibili-tea podcast! (Read the full article)

My USRI Reflection: Creating The George Floyd Project

October 27, 2021

Matthew reflects on his USRI research project and how he created The George Floyd Project. (Read the full article)

9 Underrated Study Spots on Campus

October 26, 2021

Looking for your new fav study or hangout spot? Olivia's got you covered. (Read the full article)

The Pandemic Isn't Over Just Yet

October 25, 2021

Jenny shares her experience during the pandemic and reminds us all that it's not over just yet. (Read the full article)

Victoria's Tips for Coping with Homesickness

October 22, 2021

We all feel homesick sometimes. Victoria shares how she dealt with her feelings of homesickness. (Read the full article)

Lauren Choi's USRI Experience

October 20, 2021

Read about Lauren's experience conducting speech-language pathology research! (Read the full article)

Fun Things To Do This Fall

October 15, 2021

Fall is just around the corner, so now is the perfect time to plan some days out to get you excited. (Read the full article)

Aditya's Guide to Acing Midterms

October 14, 2021

Check out some of Adiya's tips for preparing for midterms. (Read the full article)

USRI: My Journey as a Young Scientist

October 13, 2021

Jessica reflects on what made her USRI experience so worthwhile. (Read the full article)

Dorm Room Design

October 13, 2021

Insia shares ways to help make residence feel more like home. (Read the full article)

Friendsgiving: Celebrating the Strangers You Decided to Get to Know

October 11, 2021

Take a break and celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends! (Read the full article)

International Lesbian Day: Learning About Lesbian Culture

October 08, 2021

Today, October 8th, is International Lesbian Day. (Read the full article)

Steps to Getting Mental Health Support—and Everything Else Along the Way

October 06, 2021

Emily shares what she's learned through her own mental health journey with you, the reader. (Read the full article)

What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism Awareness

October 05, 2021

Jalesa discusses a few points from an interview with Elim, one of the Co-Presidents for Western Autism... (Read the full article)

Accessible Education: Thanks For Being There

October 04, 2021

Learn about the impact that accommodations have had on a student's Western experience. (Read the full article)

Recalling and Recognizing: Celebrating LGBT2Q+ History Month

October 01, 2021

October 1st marks the beginning of LGBT2Q+ History Month (Read the full article)

The 31 Nights of Halloween

October 01, 2021

Celebrate the spooky season with a movie for every day of the month! (Read the full article)

My Experience as a Student Leader on Campus

September 27, 2021

Katelyn shares all that she's learned while being a student leader on campus. (Read the full article)

Tips on Becoming an Accessibility Advocate

September 23, 2021

Jalesa outlines some steps we can all take to be better accessibility allies. (Read the full article)

Emily's COVID-19 Safe Gathering Tips

September 21, 2021

Though it may seem impossible, there are ways to reduce your risk and still have fun during COVID-19 (Read the full article)

This Year For My Birthday, I Got COVID-19

September 17, 2021

Hear from a student who got COVID why it's important to follow public health guidelines. (Read the full article)

Doing My Part

September 15, 2021

After a year of online learning, Johann is doing his part to preserve this semi-normal school year. (Read the full article)

Hopeful Reminders to my Past Self

September 10, 2021

It's important to remember how far we've all come, and the progress we've made. (Read the full article)

My Favourite First-Year Memory

September 09, 2021

University is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. (Read the full article)

Shaowda's Back to School Playlist

September 08, 2021

Everyone needs a playlist to accompany the most exciting days of their life, right? (Read the full article)

A Letter to First-Year Raihan

September 02, 2021

Raihan assures their first-year self that everything will be alright. (Read the full article)

Back-to-School Packing Tips: Learn From My Mistakes

August 31, 2021

Not sure what to pack for school? Shubh is here to help! (Read the full article)

Reluctant and Afraid of Change? You Are Not Alone!

August 30, 2021

For Omer, returning to in-person learning will be a change he's both nervous and excited about. (Read the full article)

A Letter to First-Year Emily

August 25, 2021

In her letter, Emily reflects on all the ways she's grown since first-year. (Read the full article)

September To-Do List

August 23, 2021

As an incoming student, there are many ways you can academically brace yourself for the upcoming year. (Read the full article)

Number Theory

August 20, 2021

If you're looking for a funny story to make you chuckle, give this blog a read! (Read the full article)

My Summer Reads

August 19, 2021

Sunshine and books make the perfect combination for summer! (Read the full article)

A Letter to First-Year Johann

August 18, 2021

Johann's letter is full of motivation and wisdom. (Read the full article)

Nervous About Returning to School? Same!

August 17, 2021

Don't worry, you're not the only one anxious about the return to in-person learning. (Read the full article)

Conner's CEL Experience

August 16, 2021

Check out Conner's video where he talks about his CEL experience! (Read the full article)

See Where the Wind Blows You: My CEL Story

August 12, 2021

Read Ting's blog to see how taking a CEL course has changed their perspective. (Read the full article)

A Letter to First-Year Shaowda

August 11, 2021

Shaowda reflects on her journey at Western and all that she's learned. (Read the full article)

A Guide to my Journey with The City of London and Class 3377

August 09, 2021

Read about Elise's experience working with the city of London. (Read the full article)

Prescription for Nature

August 05, 2021

Learn about the power of nature as Mais reflects on their CEL experience. (Read the full article)

A Letter to First-Year M.

August 04, 2021

What do you wish your first-year self knew? (Read the full article)

Music Education in the Community

August 02, 2021

Jenny shares the power of music with others through a CEL course. (Read the full article)

My Unpopular Opinions – What Makes Me Me

July 30, 2021

Check out Shubh's unpopular opinions...do you agree with him? (Read the full article)

Helping the Community Through Science Education

July 29, 2021

Read how Kayleigh's passion for science transformed into helping the community. (Read the full article)

My Experience in Psychology 3895E

July 27, 2021

Disha was excited to take a course that promoted working in the community. (Read the full article)

How to Effectively Manage Your Time

July 26, 2021

Adjusting to university can be hard, but if you manage your time well, it can be easier. (Read the full article)

Strengths I Gained During My First-Year at Western

July 21, 2021

University is a time for growth, self-discovery, and gaining new strengths. (Read the full article)

CEL: A Poem

July 20, 2021

Madeline creatively shares the value of a CEL course through poetry! (Read the full article)

A Short Guide To Four of Canada’s (Best) Parks

July 19, 2021

It's summer, which means it's time to get out and explore nature! (Read the full article)

Cheapest Places to Travel After COVID

July 16, 2021

We're all itching to get away after COVID, but where should you travel to? (Read the full article)

Key Learnings From My CEL Experience

July 14, 2021

Read Nidhi's blog to learn about the key takeaways from their CEL experience. (Read the full article)

Why I'm Getting Vaccinated...

July 13, 2021

Hear from some students as they share their reasons for getting the COVID vaccine. (Read the full article)

The Pros and Cons of Online Learning

July 12, 2021

Johann weighs the pros and cons of online learning. (Read the full article)

L'Abstrait et Le Concrète: Studying from Home

July 09, 2021

Studying from home for Jhanvi was...well, full of mixed emotions. (Read the full article)

Clare's CEL Experience with Participation House

July 08, 2021

Clare shares her experience in the CEL course, Sociology of Deviance. (Read the full article)

8 Myths You Might Be Thinking As You Enter First-Year

July 07, 2021

You think you know everything about academics at Western? Think again, let's debunk some myths! (Read the full article)

My Experience With CEL

July 06, 2021

Rebecca shares what she learned during her CEL experience. (Read the full article)

5 Things I Wish I Knew In First-Year

July 05, 2021

First-year can be daunting, but check out this blog for some lessons Savannah learned after her first year! (Read the full article)

Coming Out: My Journey to Find Who I Am

June 28, 2021

Coming out is different for every queer person, but here's one student's experience. (Read the full article)

Pride Month 2021: Public Figures and Advocates of the 2SLGBTQ+ Community

June 25, 2021

Check out this list of 2SLGBTQ+ advocates from history and the present day! (Read the full article)

The Tea on Disability Studies

June 25, 2021

Ashton and Jalesa spill some tea with Rachel, a Disability Studies program graduate. (Read the full article)

The Smartphone: My deVICE

June 21, 2021

Our phones have become an extension of ourselves - something we can't live without. (Read the full article)

Pride Month 2021: Top Recommended Films For Your Watch List

June 18, 2021

Consider adding some of these movies to your Pride movie watch list! (Read the full article)

Things I Learned While Travelling Europe

June 16, 2021

Check out Esha's blog to be transported to Europe through the magic of storytelling! (Read the full article)

Celebrating 5 Indigenous Leaders For Indigenous History Month

June 14, 2021

Let's celebrate Indigenous excellence by learning about inspiring Indigenous figures. (Read the full article)

Pride Month 2021: 2SLGBTQ+ Writers You Should Be Reading

June 11, 2021

This Pride Month, catch up on some reading and learn more about the 2SLGBTQ+ community. (Read the full article)

The Tea on Occupational Therapy

June 11, 2021

In this episode of Accessibili-tea, learn about Sarah's experience as a disabled student in a... (Read the full article)

My Favourite Undergraduate Course - Anatomy 2200

June 09, 2021

Every class can be challenging at times, but it's worth the effort. (Read the full article)

Bird Is Not The Word: My Favourite First-Year Courses

June 07, 2021

You can learn something valuable from every class. Explore ALL your course options! (Read the full article)

Knowing and Respecting the Land You Are On At Western

June 04, 2021

As a Western student on campus, it's important to acknowledge, honor, and respect the land you are on. (Read the full article)

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Accessibility Before Going to Western

May 31, 2021

Want to know more about accessibility at Western? Give this a read! (Read the full article)

The Tea on Project Echo

May 28, 2021

Tune into this episode to learn more about Project Echo! (Read the full article)

How I Knew Western Was Right For Me

May 27, 2021

Choosing a university is tough, but once you find the right one, you'll never look back. (Read the full article)

Western Starts the Conversation on Pleasure

May 26, 2021

Talking about pleasure can be awkward. Let's open the discussion. (Read the full article)

Why Western

May 25, 2021

Find out what made Shaowda choose Western! (Read the full article)

My Favourite Things About Western

May 21, 2021

Read Grace's blog to find out her favourite things about Western! (Read the full article)

Why I Chose Western

May 19, 2021

Great programs, a beautiful campus, and lifelong friends - just a few reasons to choose Western! (Read the full article)

Things to Do This COVID Summer

May 17, 2021

Even if we are stuck at home, there's still plenty you can do this summer. (Read the full article)

The Tea on the USC Accessibility Survey

May 14, 2021

This episode of Accessibili-tea talks about the USC Accessibility Committee and what it does! (Read the full article)

A Conversation with Josh: Talking About Ketamine Infusion Treatment

May 13, 2021

Josh talks about his experience with ketamine infusion treatments for his mental health. (Read the full article)

Eid Looks A lot Different This Year - But in A Good Way

May 12, 2021

Even though it's celebrated differently this year, Shaowda wants to wish everyone Eid Mubarak! (Read the full article)

Get to Know Some Inspiring Asian-Canadian Leaders

May 10, 2021

To commemorate Asian Heritage Month, we're highlighting some inspiring Asian-Canadians! (Read the full article)

Looking Back at a Very Turbulent Year: Part I

May 07, 2021

Rawan reflects on a year full of challenges and hurdles as she navigated life and school during a pandemic. (Read the full article)

Looking Back at a Very Turbulent Year: Part II

May 07, 2021

In Part II of Rawan's reflection, she realizes the value of hope and resilience. (Read the full article)

400 Days in Quarantine and Counting...

May 05, 2021

After more than 400 days of quarantine and staying at home, Vanessa has come to realize a few things. (Read the full article)

Learning About Asian Heritage Month

May 03, 2021

Asian Heritage Month is a time to learn about the journeys and ongoing struggles of diverse Asian communities. (Read the full article)

The Interesting Connection Between Autism and Synesthesia

April 30, 2021

Learn about the connections between Autism and Synesthesia. (Read the full article)

Autism and The Job Market

April 29, 2021

Moving forward, accessible hiring needs to become a routine practice so everyone has an opportunity to thrive. (Read the full article)

Taking Things One Step at a Time

April 28, 2021

Life seems to move so fast sometimes, but it's okay to take it slow and go one step at a time. (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Season Finale

April 26, 2021

In our season finale, we will be interviewing Helen, the Learn to Lead Student Coordinator. (Read the full article)

Why This Year’s Immunization Week Counts The Most

April 26, 2021

In a COVID-19 world, this year's Immunization Week has greater importance. (Read the full article)

Things You Can Do This Summer

April 23, 2021

As exams begin to wrap up, you may be thinking about what you can do this summer. (Read the full article)

All About Earth Day!

April 22, 2021

Learn the history behind Earth day and how you can celebrate and protect the planet. (Read the full article)

5 Ways to Clean Up the Earth

April 22, 2021

The Earth is our home, so let's do some spring cleaning. (Read the full article)

Working Towards Financial Wellness

April 21, 2021

Living as a student can be expensive, so it's important that you learn more about financial wellness. (Read the full article)

Hot Takes on The Future

April 20, 2021

This week, the Hot Takes team sat down to talk about how we like to plan for our future. (Read the full article)

Redecorating Your Space for Spring

April 19, 2021

Find the perfect spring aesthetic for you! (Read the full article)

Inexpensive Self-Care Practices

April 16, 2021

Check out some of the most efficient ways to invest in yourself and make yourself happy! (Read the full article)

4 Simple Ways To Clean Up Your Diet

April 14, 2021

What you eat is very important because a healthy diet has many mental and physical benefits. (Read the full article)

Ramadan: Fasting, Reflection, and Prayer

April 13, 2021

Ramadan is a sacred month in Islamic culture involving fasting, reflection, and prayer. (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Episode 7 with Ladan Mowlid

April 12, 2021

Helen sits down with Ladan Mowlid, who works as the Equity, Diversity and Education Coordinator at Western. (Read the full article)

Dealing with Exam Stress

April 12, 2021

With exams around the corner, here are some tips to help you cope with the stress. (Read the full article)

A Guide to Perfecting Your Morning and Night Routines

April 09, 2021

Adding structure to your days is important for both your mental and physical wellbeing. (Read the full article)

More Greenery in Your Living Space Can Help Your Mental-Wellbeing

April 07, 2021

Need a boost of energy? Brighten up your space with some plants! (Read the full article)

4 Reasons You Should Walk More

April 07, 2021

Walking has so many benefits, both mentally and physically. So, add walking to your regular routine! (Read the full article)

Shaowda's Guide to Spring Cleaning

April 05, 2021

Spring is all about in with the new and out with the old, so you can start by re-organizing your space. (Read the full article)

Why World Autism Awareness Day Is Important To Me

April 02, 2021

Shaowda shares what World Autism Awareness Day means to her. (Read the full article)

Hot Takes on Online vs. In-Person Learning

March 31, 2021

Online vs. in-person learning, synchronous vs. asynchronous classes, which do you prefer...? (Read the full article)

Passover, Celebrating Freedom

March 29, 2021

Spring is in the air and holidays such as Passover, Easter, and Ramadan are afoot! (Read the full article)

Human Brain: A Supercomputer with an Infinitesimal Battery

March 29, 2021

Remember, our brains work hard every day, so it's important to take care of our minds. (Read the full article)

The Revolutionized Mind

March 25, 2021

Find out how Angelica created her own podcast! (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Episode 6 with Meg U'Ren

March 22, 2021

In this episode, Helen chats with Meg U'Ren and learns new lessons in leadership. (Read the full article)

Older Movies You’ve Probably Heard of But Haven’t Watched (Yet)

March 22, 2021

Want to watch an older movie but don't know where to start? Check out these movies! (Read the full article)

3 Ways To Deal With Burnout

March 19, 2021

Burnout can happen to anyone, so find out some ways to deal with burnout when it strikes. (Read the full article)

Learning to Teach (Pandemic Edition)

March 18, 2021

Tune in to hear how one of Western's professors adapted to the pandemic! (Read the full article)

Hot Takes on Our Lockdown Experiences

March 17, 2021

It's hard to believe it's been a year since the first COVID-19 lockdown. (Read the full article)

Self-Care in University

March 15, 2021

It's important to take care of yourself to boost mood and increase productivity. (Read the full article)

Safe Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

March 12, 2021

Let's not make this holiday a super spreader. (Read the full article)

Fiona’s Declassified University Survival Guide

March 12, 2021

Fiona shares some tips on how to make the most out of your university experience. (Read the full article)

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Major

March 10, 2021

Choosing your major can feel like a life-determining decision, but it doesn't have to be. (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Episode 5 with David Feeney

March 09, 2021

Listen to find out why the idea that you need to find your passion is a misnomer. (Read the full article)

Lessons From a Third-Year Medical Sciences Student

March 08, 2021

Check out some of the valuable lessons Victoria has learned throughout her life in university. (Read the full article)

A Review of Netflix's Breakout Series: The Queen's Gambit, Bridgerton, and Fate: The Winx Saga

March 05, 2021

Need a new show to watch? Check out Vanessa's reviews for Netflix's most popular new shows. (Read the full article)

Voices of Western - Personal Growth and Self Development

March 04, 2021

New podcast alert! In this episode, we discuss personal growth and self-development in university. (Read the full article)

Finding Joy in Everyday Things

March 03, 2021

Being in lockdown has allowed us to find joy in the small and simple things. (Read the full article)

When you’re trying to tell a funny story, but you laugh so hard that you can barely speak

March 03, 2021

One of the best moments is when you're laughing so hard that you can't finish your story. (Read the full article)

Love, Western

March 01, 2021

550 care packs were delivered to students in housing to show them they are loved and cared for. (Read the full article)

Big Data and The Social Dilemma

March 01, 2021

Apps are convenient and entertaining, but we rarely reflect on the consequences of using them. (Read the full article)

My Favourite Photos

February 26, 2021

There's a story behind every photo, and that's what makes them so special. (Read the full article)

Five New Things That Make Me Happy During COVID

February 25, 2021

Finding little ways to brighten each day is essential amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic. (Read the full article)

The Simple Things That Bring Us Joy: Being Comfy

February 23, 2021

Introducing the Comfy Blanket... (the only thing you'll ever need during these wintry months) (Read the full article)

Boxing Day and Responsible Consumerism

February 23, 2021

Responsible spending habits during Boxing Day is important to secure your personal finance. (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Episode 4 with Heather Wakely

February 22, 2021

Helen sits down with Heather Wakely and talks about how she infuses her love of language into her career. (Read the full article)

Hot Takes: Black History Month Special

February 22, 2021

For Black History Month, we share the stories of Black historical figures. (Read the full article)

A Magical Memory

February 18, 2021

Take a trip down to platform 9 and 3/4... (Read the full article)

A Sprinkle of Kindness

February 17, 2021

A random act of kindness leaves a lasting impression and can trigger a chain reaction. (Read the full article)

Unpacking Systemic Racism Part 2: How Can You Make a Difference?

February 16, 2021

Here are some steps you can take to learn more about systemic racism. (Read the full article)

Unpacking Systemic Racism Part 1: An Examination of Systemic Racism

February 16, 2021

Learn about some of the ways racism exists in our society. (Read the full article)

This is How I'm Getting My Driver's License in 2021

February 12, 2021

Tips on how to go about getting your driver's license during a global pandemic. (Read the full article)

Voices of Western - A Resilient Outlook

February 11, 2021

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's the importance of resilience. (Read the full article)

Lonely in Lockdown

February 10, 2021

Lockdown has changed all of our lives and tends to be isolating, see how it has impacted Johann's life. (Read the full article)

New Year, New Resolutions

February 09, 2021

Your resolutions for 2021 may be different, but that's okay. (Read the full article)

How to Cope with Excessive Screen Times in a Virtual Learning Setting

February 05, 2021

When we spend nearly all our days staring at screens, it's important to give our eyes a break. (Read the full article)

Thriving in University as an Indigenous Student

February 03, 2021

Naomi shares real-life tips on thriving at university as an Indigenous student. (Read the full article)

Self-Care Habits to Bring into 2021

February 01, 2021

In 2021, remember to be kind to yourself. (Read the full article)

"Keep Trying, Keep Pushing": Bell Let's Talk Words of Encouragement

January 28, 2021

Check out this blog to read some advice and words of encouragement from fellow peers. (Read the full article)

Hot Takes on The Winter Blues

January 25, 2021

In this episode of Hot Takes, students share their thoughts and experiences with the winter blues. (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Episode 2 with Nicole Haney

January 25, 2021

This week Helen chats with Nicole Haney, a business advisor with Western Entrepreneurship. (Read the full article)

CRA Testimonial: Kia Peters

January 22, 2021

Be sure to read the last CRA testimonial! And make sure you register for CRA day! (Read the full article)

CRA Testimonial: Mackenzie Heslop

January 21, 2021

Check out another CRA testimonial! (Read the full article)

CRA Testimonial: Veronica Grunwald

January 20, 2021

Check out another CRA testimonial! (Read the full article)

CRA Testimonial: Roy Kim

January 19, 2021

CRA Day is coming up, so we're sharing stories from some Western folks who have worked with CRA! (Read the full article)

So You're on LinkedIn, Now What?

January 18, 2021

Job searching mid-pandemic can be daunting, but LinkedIn is a great tool to help you get started! (Read the full article)

Hot Takes on New Year's Resolutions

January 15, 2021

Are New Year's resolutions worth making? Find out on the latest episode of Hot Takes! (Read the full article)

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

January 14, 2021

2020 was rough. But, Reya plans to try and make the most of 2021, even if it's just as rough. (Read the full article)

Learn to Lead – The Podcast: Episode 1 with Leslie Gloor Duncan

January 12, 2021

Check out Learn to Lead - The Podcast to listen to stories and experiences from great leaders! (Read the full article)

Songs to Help You Crush Your Workout

January 11, 2021

Shubh creates a playlist he thinks will help motivate you through your next workout session. (Read the full article)

2020 Recap: From Countdown to Lockdown

January 06, 2021

A summary of the major events from arguably the darkest year of the modern era. (Read the full article)

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